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Feeling Unmotivated? Try These 3 Easy Steps to Get You on Track!

As most of you probably know, getting into a rut is easy, and getting out of one is the hard part. Life somehow always manages to throw something new at us, and finding balance in our daily activities is difficult.

If you’re like me, you probably have a million things on your mind every morning of what you have to accomplish.  One of those items on my list is needing to find time to exercise. I know exercise is important to improve overall health, and more importantly, it’s time for me to have time for myself.

“Exercise?!  Tell me where I can fit that in my schedule?”

 One thing I’ve learned throughout my years of being a runner is I’ve spent more time thinking about going for a run than I actually have running.  So, I’ve come up with 3 Easy Steps to help make it easier for you to get on track and out the door before your thoughts start to take over!

Step #1:  Plan Your Day Ahead of You.

There have been so many times in my life where if I didn’t get that workout in during the morning, I felt like a failure.  Maybe I didn’t wake up when I wanted to, pressed the snooze button multiple times, or maybe I decided to sit on the couch, watch TV, and drink my coffee longer than I should have.

Was it a failure?  No. Absolutely not.  However, that was just the feeling I was usually left with.  I wholeheartedly believe that subconsciously, that feeling would follow me throughout the day.

However, I’ve recently become aware of something.  I programmed my brain to think in terms of 24 hours as being my “day.”  If I didn’t do one of the things I set out to accomplish, I felt like my “day” was ruined.  So, I’ve changed the way I think, and I plan out my next day the way I should have been thinking about it my whole life.

The night before you go to bed, plan your next day.  Break it into morning, afternoon, evening, and night.  While everyone’s times are going to be slightly different, all of us could break those 24 hours into four parts.

If you plan for your workout in the morning and you don’t get to check that box off, look for another time in your day to fit it in!  For example:  I don’t go running at 5 a.m. in the morning like I wanted to, because I wanted to sleep for another hour.  I accept that my body wanted or needed the extra rest, and I tell myself after I’m going to come home after work, and get that run in.  Then I come home, and I run!  Now I feel accomplished, and I enjoy my evening with my family knowing that I was determined to do what I set out to do, even if it didn’t go to plan.

Step #2:  Get Ready.

Set your clothes and whatever gear you need out the night before.  Furthermore, keep an extra set in your car with the basics.  (Just in case you have to make up that workout at another time and location!)

Easy right?!


We live in an age that most of us use our cell phones for alarm clocks.  It’s only natural you’ll have to pick up your cell phone in the morning to turn off that lovely sound that is waking you from your slumber.


If you feel like you might be missing out on something such as an important text from a loved one, feel free to scroll by your messages icon and see if you have notifications.  Then do yourself a favor, and put the phone down.

There are so many distractions that we come across throughout the day, that you don’t need any more than what you’re already going to come across.  Give yourself time to ease into the morning.

 You may be the kind of person where using your cell phone in the morning is not an issue. Maybe you tend to use your phone more in the evenings, even though you know you could be taking half the amount of time to exercise instead.

A wise person recently said to me, “Take a moment before you pick up your phone, and ask yourself one question:  What is the intention of me picking up my phone?”

If you feel good with the answer you give yourself, pick up the phone by all means.  However, if you feel like it’s just going to be another distraction, put it down!

We All Get in Ruts.  It’s a normal part of life.

Just try not to stay in them for too long.  YOU have the ability to decide how long they last!

By Marsha McCombie

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