Meet Marsha McCombie

To the reader that has come across this page…Welcome!

My name is Marsha McCombie and I am the owner of Run Healthy LLC. I’ve been running since my early 20s, and I love everything to do with the sport of running.

I was born and raised in Burlington, Vermont, and have lived in Fort Myers, FL since 2004. I have a wonderful husband and two young boys.

In the past, I’ve helped organize and promote two local 5ks for the Pink Heals, a national non-profit organization. I am also the founder of the local run group Running Friends of SWFL which was established in 2013. Although I am no longer an organizer of RFSWFL, I passed it along to some great friends of mine, and I’m thrilled to see what they continue to do for our communities.

Over the years I have raced in multiple races including the 5k, 10k, half marathon, and marathon. I decided that I wanted to expand my knowledge in the sport of running. Through becoming a coach, I realized I REALLY HAD NO IDEA HOW MUCH SCIENCE WAS BEHIND
RUNNING. Furthermore, there were a lot of years, I was running UNHEALTHY.

Although I can never go back and change the decisions I made in regards to my own training over the years, I am committed to not only my own healthy running but to help improve your running practices as well.

I want to thank you for taking the time to visit my page, and I look forward to connecting with you!

running on the beach - run healthy coach

The Mission

Run Healthy is a run coaching business committed to creating tailored training plans for novice and experienced runners of all diversities. Whether the individual is just getting in to running or they want to improve their performance, Run Healthy is determined to motivate and help unlock someone’s potential that they may not have known was there before.

A Few Common Concerns and FAQs

A run coach is someone who provides structured individualized training plans, considers balance, offers advice, and analyzes your performance. Their goal is to allow you to focus on running without having to think about everything that goes on behind training.

The variables that a coach takes in and analyzes could go on for quite some time. To name a few, a coach may consider: What types of runs would benefit you most? What types of muscles are being used. How many workouts a week you should you be completing? How much rest are you getting? What are your goals? How can they minimize your risk of injury? Or perhaps factor other “efforts” into your schedule, such as a yoga class you enjoy.

For anyone new to the sport of running, and does a quick search of “types of runners,” you may find that you don’t fall into one of typical categories of runners mentioned. Examples would be: basic, intermediate, or advanced. However, there’s actually many types of runners, and the Road Runner Club of America names 11 types of runners, and an additional 2 that are a subset of the Novice Runner.

While the information found in print may be limited from various resources, I assure you that there’s a category you fall under.

According to the RRCA, the Novice Runner typically runs 0-15 miles per week and is new to the activity & sport.

Goals: Possible Couch-to-5K program

Once a runner logs 300-500 miles of running a year, they may no longer be a novice runner.

According to the RRCA, the Experienced Runner logs 15-40 miles per week. They may also be called a Recreational Runner. Their “experience” is based on the mileage completed, the years running, etc.

Goals: Road races, PRs, etc.

Not necessarily. As stated above, there are many types of runners. Coach Marsha would be more than happy to discuss this with you during the free consult, and together you can decide if Coach Marsha is the right run coach for you.

You do not need to be a certain size or shape to start running. You may never change size or shape after starting running. However, the confidence you gain after starting is almost guaranteed.

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